Wine Enthusiast

I was commissioned to illustrate a four-page spread in Wine Enthusiast Magazine (US). The concept was a juxtaposition of real elements (the food and some wine glasses), combined with my 2D watercolor illustrations. The end product resulted in an interesting take on a al fresco picnic! Take a look below.



Willow Underwear

I worked with WORN Creative to create the woman on the package for Willow Underwear. Willow is a up-and-coming underwear brand for people with incontinence issues who don’t want the bulkiness of mainstream options on the market today. I wanted to create this illustration as a sleek mature woman who looks confident and sexy. You can see more of the product and my illustrations on



Hair Love Radio

I was commissioned by Elizabeth Faye, founder of Hair Love Retreat, to create a podcast cover
& logo specifically catered to hair stylists. You can view their website here!

I collaborated with L'Oreal and Shape Magazine to bring you this guide to getting vacation ready when you're strapped for time, the drawings illustrate the online article which gives readers 6 quick tips that will help them get trip-ready in no time.



Urban Outfitters Beauty

I collaborated with Urban Outfitters Beauty department to showcase their
various facemask and skincare products for their blog.



Urban Outfitters Home

I was commissioned by the Urban Outfitters home department to illustrate various ways
to arrange furniture to make the most of your small space. You can view the article on their blog here!



Women's Health Magazine

I was commissioned to work on three illustrations for the November issue of Women's Health Magazine (US).
The story was on different ways to accessorize your hair with scarves.



Urban Outfitters

I was commissioned to work on a project for Urban Outfitters blog.
The concept for this article was beauty problems and ways to fix them.
I illustrated 5 different beauty issues and 5 products Urban Outfitters offers as solutions.

The below depict:
1. Dirty Hair & Dry Shampoo  2. Dry Skin & Exfoliant  3. Dark Circles & Moistening Eye Patches
4. Chapped Lips & Lip Mask  5. Pimple & Pimple Cream



Urban Outfitters

I was commissioned by Urban Outfitters to illustrate a variety of skincare products by TonyMoly.
Each illustration depicts a various masks and where to position them on your face. 

View the full post here.



@PrettyLittleOmbre Brush Illustrations

I was commissioned by hair salon owner Jamie Sea of @prettylittleombre to illustrate
her new collection of paint brushes used for Balayage techniques. 



Various other illustrations!